Trust Diagnostic Solutions Services to get to the root of the problem, with our complete diagnostics tools and mobile DPF cleaning services. We’re based in Middlesex but are more than happy to travel up to 70 miles to carry out our valuable diagnostics services. Is your engine management light on? Don’t panic, but don’t leave it either! We have all the tools you could need for a full diagnosis of your engine issues and can be with you at home or at work. Our specialist equipment allows us to check your vehicle and give useful advice on all error codes.

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DPF Cleaning

Standing for Diesel Particulate Filter, this service uses specialist cleaning technology and chemicals to reduce the soot produced by your engine, giving you a cleaner ride and fewer emissions. This complete engine management service gives you a full vehicle systems overview. We scan the entire vehicle for fault codes before taking any action.

Premium Service £250

Two full chemical flush-throughs.

Standard Service £200

One full chemical flush-through.

Please Note: Upon completion of the service, the call-out fee of £85 will be deducted from the price.

Diagnostics Services

If your engine management light is on, don’t fret. We cover a wide range of diagnostic services, to find out the source of your vehicular issues and set them right if we can.

These include:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Engine Management (Diesel, Petrol and Gasoline)
  • ABS
  • HVAC
  • Traction Control
  • Adblue
  • SCR

Minor Repairs and Servicing

We’ll always try and fix a problem there and then if we can. For all minor repairs and servicing, trust DSS to get you moving again. Inside the car or under the bonnet, if we can fix it and help you avoid a pricy trip to the garage, we will.





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