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Mobile DPF Cleaning Services

Nobody wants to see that dreaded light on their dashboard. In the event that you do, don’t panic! Just get in touch with Diagnostic Solutions Services. We’re based in Middlesex and have all the diagnostic tools you could ever need. We’ll be along quickly to help you work out what’s wrong. From there, we offer minor repairs and mobile DPF cleaning services, to get you up and running once again. We use specialist equipment to check your vehicle and advise on all different kinds of error codes, for all makes and models.



  • Cover all areas within a 70 mile radius of Middlesex
  • DPF Diagnostic Check
  • Experts in all makes and models, Diesel and Petrol
  • Full vehicle overview system check
  • At home or work, we come to you
  • Restore engine performance and horse power
  • Increase DPF life and performance
  • Save money on expensive DPF replacement


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 Mobile DPF Cleaning Service in Ruislip and London

What’s Included?

With modern cars, the inbuilt computer constantly checks the performance of your vehicle. We’re able to read any error codes that pop up, thanks to our complete set of diagnostics equipment. The warning light shows you that there’s a problem, but we can show you the full extent of the fault and help you get to the root of what’s gone wrong. We provide advice alongside our mobile DPF cleaning services, and diagnose faults to get you on your way again.

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How It Works

  • See that warning light on your dashboard.
  • We’ll come to you at work or home.
  • We’ll run full diagnostics.
  • If there’s minor repair work, we can do it.
  • Receive a full printed diagnostic report (readings before and after).
  • Be on your way.


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Expert Service, Delivered When You Need It Most

Don’t let that dashboard light keep blinking. There’s a good chance we can nip the problem in the bud with our diagnostics and mobile DPF cleaning services. Call us on 07707 249 655 or email to see what’s wrong.



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